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Published on May 27, 2021


We're newcomers to the Matcha Party, and now we're hooked! We love it's distinctive flavour, and when paired with white chocolate it blows our mind! It seems Matcha is just like chocolate, in that the good stuff tastes sooo much better, that it makes you question why you would bother with the not so good stuff at all?! We asked Enna and May from Thea Matcha to give us the lowdown on Matcha and why you need it in your life...

What is Matcha? 

Stoneground Green Tea

Why do you love Matcha?

It is a great caffeine alternative to coffee, as coffee can make our hearts race and give us the sweats! Plus anything green is good, he he!

What's the difference between Matcha and regular green tea? 

They come from the same plant, but they are grown, harvested, processed and consumed differently. Did you know there are 137 times more antioxidants in Matcha compared to your average green tea.*

Where do you source your Matcha?

We order our Organic Matcha in small batches from a farm in Japan. Organic farming is important to us not only because of the quality of the product, but also because of the impact on the environment.

Why did you decide to call your business Thea?

We chose the name Thea because of the serotonin/happy-inducing amino acid prominent in green tea, known as L-Theanine. Green tea is also part of the Theaceae family and Thea also happens to mean goddess! It was simple, relevant and captured the essence of what we wanted this venture to be.

We've partnered with Thea Matcha to bring you delicious Matcha at our Auckland Chocolate Bar and Boutique. Try the amazing hot chocolate using Vegan White Chocolate and Organic Matcha. Or enjoy a classic Matcha Latte alongside one of our chocolatey treats. And keep your eyes peeled for another batch of our limited edition White Chocolate and Matcha Chocolate Tablets, coming soon!