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Love Planet Oeuf

Published on March 08, 2022


The choices that we make as humans have a direct effect on nature: what we buy, what we eat, how we travel.

This year our Easter Eggs are all about celebrating the beauty of our planet, and will hopefully make you stop and think about the potential impact of climate change. Our hand decorated eggs are inspired by the Earth, the Sun, the Ocean, the Clouds, the Night Sky, the Trees and the Birds.

We have committed to donating $1 from every Easter egg sold to Trees That Count, helping to fund the planting of NZ native trees right here in NZ. We have also ensured our Easter packaging this year is home compostable, so you can feel extra good when you bite into your Easter egg! If you’d like to do more, here are a few simple changes you and your family can make to help lower your ecological footprint...

Avoid single-use plastics

Shop local and buy second-hand

Reduce your meat and dairy consumption

Plan your meals to avoid food waste

Wash clothes in cold water and air dry instead of using the dryer

Re-use and re-purpose as often as possible

Walk, cycle, carpool, use public transport, or switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Compost your kitchen scraps and garden waste.

Grow your own veggies and fruit.

Plant local flora and attract native wildlife in your own backyard.

Switch off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use.