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Love is the Drug

Published on July 19, 2016

Do you love chocolate so much that you dream of bathing in a pool of the stuff? For most people this is going too far and in our opinion a complete waste! But have you ever thought about snorting it?! Well a Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone has invented a chocolate shooter for that very purpose. He originally invented it as a gimmick for a private function with the Rolling Stones 10 years ago.

It's basically a tiny catapult, with two small, spring-loaded spoons that fling 100% cacoa powder into the nostrils. Yes fling! Not sure this would work when wearing a white top and I would definitely recommend closing your eyes. The point of it is to enhance the chocolate experience. Apparently a lot more tastes can be experienced through your nose rather than your mouth. I can only liken the experience to being too eager to woof down a tiramisu and accidentally inhaling the cocoa powder off the top instead of remembering to breathe and eat separately. The thought of putting the brown stuff up my nose doesn’t fill me with excitement I have to say. Have a look at this video and make up your own mind. Hilarious!

Mr Persoone is not the only one to make the most of people’s addiction to chocolate. In Western Europe there's a craze sweeping the night clubs where legal 100% cacao replaces illegal highs. Relying on research that chocolate increases levels of endorphins, these chocolate ravers claim they get a high from using 100% cacao, and that it gives a sense of euphoria and relaxation. They take this trendy substance in beverage, powder and pill form (hot chocolate, cocoa powder and m&m’s to you and me!)

There are a lot of cynics that claim it is all caused by a placebo effect, and to some extent I am sure that is true, but everyone knows that chocolate is a guaranteed mood enhancer, so why not embrace this and wake up without the hangover the following morning? Just to be clear, we are certainly not suggesting you go and snort the Nesquik you’ve got lying around in your pantry. But why not try making a hot chocolate with our 100% raw cacao powder? It’s great if you prefer your hot cocoa to be chocolatey and not full of sugar. If you like a bit of sweetness then add your own to get the balance just right for your palette, we like coconut sugar. Also it’s great with almond milk, which adds its own nutty sweetness. Our 100% cacao powder is also FULL of antioxidant properties, given the cacao has not been roasted and no other ingredients have been added. Try giving yourself a mid-winter chocolatey boost, either curled up on the sofa watching telly or in a night club surrounded by hipsters. Up to you!