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Filter Coffee

Published on November 04, 2020

We're big fans of Filter Coffee here at Honest Chocolat and serve Kokako's Organic Fairtrade Aotea blend at our chocolate bar in Commercial Bay.

Also known as drip or pour over, here’s five things you should know about filter coffee and why we prefer this slower style of coffee paired with our chocolate…

  1. Filter coffee is made by water pouring through the coffee because of gravity, compared to espresso which forces the water through the coffee by pressure.
  2. Filter coffee tends to create less acidity and can showcase the more intricate flavours of the coffee.
  3. Filter coffee is clean and clear compared to espresso which is much more dense and has layers.
  4. Filter coffee tends to be drank black to appreciate the full flavour of the coffee.
  5. We believe coffee should be enjoyed much like chocolate. Keep it simple, use quality ingredients and the flavour will speak for itself.

Visit our Commercial Bay store to enjoy a Filter Coffee, either in store or take away. We recommend it paired with one of our Double Chocolate Brownies!