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Nico's Ultimate Chocolate Avocado Brownie

Published on May 23, 2016

Nico's Ultimate Chocolate Avocado Brownie

Being the wife of a pastry chef, I often get asked do I get amazing desserts made for me all the time at home? Ha! No. Chefs typically work long hours, so the thought of whipping up a quick creme brûlée when they get in from a 12 hour day is pretty rare. So to save myself from much embarrassment when I attempt to impress my other half with what I think are delicious sweet treats, the best solution is to ask for a recipe from the professional himself. Except when Christmas mince pies are called for and then a French pastry chef just doesn't cut it, sorry. So this week we are sharing with you a favourite recipe from Nico that even I can pull off.

60 g Free range organic egg yolks (about 3 medium size eggs)
115 g Organic coconut sugar (1)
170 g Ripe avocado flesh (about 1 large avocado)
90 g 70% dark chocolate
115 g Organic coconut sugar (2)
40 g Ground almonds
10 g Dutch cocoa powder
90 g Soft peak whipped egg whites

Melt the chocolate over simmering water, mash and mix in the avocado flesh.
Mix egg yolks and coconut sugar together (1) and add to the avocado-chocolate mixture.

Mix in the coconut sugar (2), the ground almond and the Dutch cocoa powder.
Whip the egg whites into soft peaks and fold into the mixture.
Pour into a baking dish lined with baking paper and bake in the oven at 175 C for 30 minutes.

Turn out onto a wire rack and leave to cool, then portion into squares.
Store in the fridge in an airtight container, but enjoyed best at room temperature.

These brownies are gooey and rich and have the added benefit of being gluten free and dairy free. Avocados are hot property at the moment here in Auckland, so if you're wanting to save a few bucks and are not fussed about keeping the brownies dairy free then the avocados can be replaced with butter. Just as yum, but you can't eat as many without feeling naughty. Enjoy!