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10 Reasons Why Our Chocolat is Different...

Published on December 02, 2016

 Honest Chocolat

1. We don't use dairy in our ganaches - that means the centres of our chocolate bonbons don't contain butter or cream. This gives a bright, clean and decadent tasting chocolate bonbon. Ideal for vegans or those looking for a healthier treat.

2. We don't use large amounts of sugar in our chocolates. We believe chocolates should taste like chocolate, not sugar. Because we use good quality ingredients we can keep things simple and honest, without adding all the nasty stuff that usually gets paired with chocolate!

3. Our bonbons are like works of art. Lots of people tell us the chocolates look too good to eat, but wait 'til you've tried them! Attention to detail goes a long way when you want to give a personal gift.

4. The chocolate we use is one of the finest in the world, and you can taste the difference! It is also direct trade and organic.

5. We don't use artificial flavourings. We only use natural ingredients in our chocolates.

6. Our chocolates are fresh! Not designed to sit on a shelf for a year, and why would you want to? We don't use preservatives in our chocolates to keep them as yummy and irresistible as possible. 

7. We create amazing flavour combinations! Our chocolates are crafted by Nico Bonnaud, a pastry chef with 18 years of experience. If you're going to treat yourself, make it a good one!

8. None of our products contain palm oil! A cheap alternative used to replace cacao butter, we avoid the stuff like the plague because of the devastation it causes to the planet.

9. We can design and supply customised packaging for companies / events with a minimum order of 50 items! We work with you to find a solution that suits your budget and brand.

10. All our chocolates are made with love - hand crafted in our own custom built chocolate kitchen in sunny Snells Beach :)