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Decadent Christmas Advent Calendar for 2


Decadent Christmas Advent Calendar for 2 Decadent Christmas Advent Calendar for 2 Decadent Christmas Advent Calendar for 2


Please note pre-ordered decadent advent calendars will be sent early November 2023. 

Perfect for foodie couples, and lovers of good chocolate, Take their advent calendar game this year to the next level with our Decadent Advent Calendar. With 2 treats for each day (so no fighting!)  and a little joke to read to get in the festive spirit. Each set contains 48 individually packaged Honest Chocolat treats (see list below) & 24 flat packed House Boxes. Please note leaves, berries and string NOT included. Contains:
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Hazelnut Praline
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Kawau Bay Macadamias
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Oob Blueberries with Lemon
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Strawberry Preserve
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Sawmill Brewery Beer
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Lime and Coconut
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Raspberry and Ginger
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Matakana Olive Oil
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Passion Fruit
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Salted Caramel
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Espresso Martini
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Rhubarb and Custard
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Brick Bay Wine
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Matakana Coffee Mocha
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Lychee and Rosewater 
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Single Origin Venezuela
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Gin and Tonic
2 x Chocolate Bonbon Christmas Cake
4 x Festive Dark Chocolates
4 x Festive Vegan Milk Chocolates
4 x Festive Vegan White Chocolates


Choose a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to place your advent calendar.
Fold the sides and base of each house, placing two treats inside each box before closing the roof. Display on a shelf or cabinet, or hang in a row on the wall, or individually on the Christmas tree, by threading a ribbon or string underneath the roof of each little house. Try and be good and open just one house each day!


Dark Chocolate (cacao mass* (min 70%), cane sugar* sunflower lecithin vanilla) Vegan Milk Chocolate (cacao mass* (min 42%) cane sugar* almonds coconut* sea salt) Vegan White Chocolate (cacao butter* cane sugar* almonds coconut*) Sugar Cacao Butter* Dextrose
Sorbitol Grape Seed Oil Salted Caramel: Coconut Cream* Sea Salt Hazelnut Praline: Hazelnut Lime & Coconut: Coconut Cream* Lime Strawberry Preserve: Strawberry Espresso Martini: Coconut Cream* Coffee Vodka Sea Salt Gin and Tonic: Coconut Cream* Juniper Berry Gin Lychee & Rosewater: Lychee Rosewater Raspberry & Ginger: Raspberry Ginger Passion Fruit: Passion Fruit Single Origin Venezuela: Cacao Mass (88%), Coconut Cream* Brick Bay Wine: Raisins, Red Wine Matakana Olive Oil: Coconut Cream* Basil EV Olive Oil Inverted Sugar Oob Blueberries with Lemon: Almonds Coconut* Blueberry Sugar Glucose Fruit Pectin Citric Acid Lemon Essential Oil Matakana Coffffee Mocha: Almonds Coconut* Coffee* Sawmill Brewery Beer: Almonds Coconut* Sauvin Nelson Hops Kawau Bay Macadamias: Macadamias Almonds Coconut* Rhubarb and Custard: Almonds Coconut* Rhubarb Sugar Glucose Fruit Pectin Citric Acid Coconut Cream Inverted Sugar Vanilla Paste Christmas Cake: Almonds Coconut Cream Cognac (<2%) Spice Blend Colouring: Iron Oxide Titanium Dioxide Allura Red Tartrazine Indigo Carmine Anthocyan Curcumin (*organic)

Allergens and Dietary Requirements

Refined Sugar? Yes
Gluten? No
Dairy? No
Nuts? Yes, contains almonds, macadamias, hazelnuts,  and may contain traces of other nuts
Vegan? Yes
Soy? No
Alcohol? Yes
Eggs? No