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Honest Chocolat, Matakana Village, 2 Matakana Valley Road, Matakana, 0985
Honest Chocolat, Commercial Bay, 21 Queen Street, Auckland
Matakana Village: 09 600 2442
Commercial Bay: 09 600 2521
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Selection of 24 Chocolate Bonbons


Selection of 24 Chocolate Bonbons Selection of 24 Chocolate Bonbons


A selection of 24 of our iconic handmade chocolate bonbons. Handmade in Matakana, and presented in a gift box. This stunning chocolate box makes a very special gift, and is ideal for sharing. Flavours included are listed below:

Raspberry and Ginger

Rhubarb and Custard

Single Origin Venezuela

Manuka Honey and Pear

Passion Fruit

Kawau Bay Macadamia

Hazelnut Praline

Matakana Coffee Mocha

Lime and Coconut

Strawberry Preserve

Salted Caramel

Oob Blueberries with Lemon

Matakana Olive Oil

Gin and Tonic

Sawmill Brewery Beer

Brick Bay Wine

Espresso Martini

Made with Organic and Ethically Sourced Chocolate.

Please let us know of any specific flavour requests. 


Cacao Mass* Cane Sugar* Sunflower Lecithin Natural Vanilla Flavour Sugar Cacao Butter* Dextrose Sorbitol Grape Seed Oil Salted Caramel: Coconut Cream* Sea Salt Hazelnut Praline: Hazelnuts Lime & Coconut: Coconut Cream* Lime Strawberry Preserve: Strawberry Manuka Honey & Pear: Pear Manuka Honey Raspberry & Ginger: Raspberry Ginger Passion Fruit: Passion Fruit Single Origin Venezuela: Cacao Mass (88%), Coconut Cream* Oob Blueberries with Lemon: Almonds Coconut* Blueberry Sugar Glucose Fruit Pectin Citric Acid Lemon Essential Oil Matakana Coffee Mocha: Almonds Coconut* Coffee* Kawau Bay Macadamias: Macadamias Almonds Coconut* Rhubarb and Custard: Almonds Coconut* Rhubarb Sugar Glucose Fruit Pectin Citric Acid Coconut Cream* Inverted Sugar Vanilla Paste Espresso Martini: Coconut Cream* Coffee Vodka Sea Salt Gin and Tonic: Coconut Cream* Juniper Berry Gin Brick Bay Wine: Raisins, Red Wine Matakana Olive Oil: Coconut Cream* Basil EV Olive Oil Inverted Sugar Sawmill Brewery Beer: Almonds Coconut* Sauvin Nelson Hops Colouring: Iron Oxide Titanium Dioxide Allura Red Tartrazine Indigo Carmine Anthocyan Curcumin (*organic)

Allergens and Dietary Requirements

Gluten? No
Dairy? No
Nuts? Yes, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias
Vegan? No, contains honey
Soy? No
Alcohol? Yes
Eggs? No


Servings per package 6
Serving size 20g
average quantity per serving average quantity per 100g
Energy 411 kj 2050 kj
Protein, total 1 g 5.1 g
-gluten 0 g 0 g
Fat, total 7.3 g 36.5 g
-saturation 3.9 g 19.6 g
Carbohydrates 6.4 g 32.2 g
-sugars 5.9 g 29.5 g
Sodium 3 mg 16 mg