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What makes us HONEST?

Published on April 20, 2016

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Honest food doesn't have ingredients, it is ingredients. Good and truthful that is what we want our chocolate to be. So when we say our chocolate is raspberry and ginger then that is exactly what you're eating, with chocolate and water, and a little bit (lots!) of love. We hand craft our chocolates in small batches using only natural ingredients, and strive to create flavours that are true to their origin. We don't believe in using hidden enhancers, preservatives or additives. We believe in respecting your body and this starts with what you eat. But this also means giving yourself treats every now and again. Go on, you deserve it!

Our chocolates don't contain dairy and only have a limited amount of sugar. Not because it's trendy, but because we believe it goes hand in hand with producing the best tasting chocolates and it doesn't leave you feeling sick after a moment of indulgence. We always try to keep in mind the origin of the chocolate and its flavour profile, and look for ways to showcase this. 

Honest flavours, honest ingredients, Honest Chocolat.

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