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Thea Organic Matcha Powder 30g Tin


Thea Organic Matcha Powder 30g Tin

This premium grade Matcha comes from an organic farm in Japan. The reusable tin contains up to 30 (1g) serves and is an ideal place to keep your matcha powder (airtight and in darkness!), or to take on the go. It has silky and smooth floral undertones with deep umami notes. Best used raw, as tea or enjoy as a Matcha Latte.

What is matcha?
A bright green powder made from stone ground green tea leaves. All the nutritional properties of the tea leaves are ingested, not letting any of the goodness go to waste.

Why use matcha?
Perfect for you if you struggle with coffee and needing an alternative! Matcha is unique because of the amino acid L-Theanine present. When paired with matcha’s naturally occurring caffeine, this lessens the side effects normally associated with coffee such as anxiety and restlessness. It’s also a great natural food colouring and commonly seen in baked goods and desserts.

Please note: Contains Caffeine.